September 18, 2017 Financial incentives No Comments

Further to our post earlier this month, the updated tariffs which take effect from 20 September have now been published, together with new heat demand limits:

Homes with an annual heat demand listed on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) above the limit will be eligible for the RHI, but their payments will be calculated using the annual heat demand limit. Payments will continue to be made on the renewable proportion of the heat demand, in line with current rules. This means that, for example, an ASHP with a Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF) of 3.0 will have an effective heat demand limit of 13,333kWh (2/3 of 20,000kWh) as 2/3 of the heat produced is considered renewable. Heat pumps with higher SPFs will therefore be eligible for a larger proportion of the heat demand limit.

Technology Type New Tariff (pence/kWh)
Air Source Heat Pumps 10.18
Ground Source Heat Pumps 19.86
Biomass 6.54


Technology Type Heat Demand Limits (kWh)
Air Source Heat Pumps 20,000
Ground Source Heat Pumps 30,000
Biomass 25,000
Wood pellets

Wood pellets

Written by Kim Bauchope