The Home Energy Scotland loan is launched this week, and combines a number of schemes that have been available in the past (HEEPS loan, HEEPS:PSL loan, Gas Infill loan and Home Energy Scotland Renewables loan) into one streamlined loan. This will allow owner-occupiers and certain private sector landlords to apply for a variety of home improvements using a single application form, making it easier to understand what’s available and making the application process simpler.

Renewables systems and district heating connections

Interest-free loan funding can be offered for up to 100% of the quoted installation costs or the maximum amount shown, whichever is lowest.

You can apply for up to two home renewables systems per home up to £17,500 in total.  You cannot apply for two whole-house heating systems for example you cannot apply for an air source heat pump and a biomass boiler.

For more information, and to apply, click here.

Written by Kim Bauchope