2 - woodchip-biofuelIf you chose an Ökofen boiler it comes with a bulk fuel store made from steel reinforced fabric on a sustainable wooden frame, into which the delivery lorry blows the pellets.

This style of store has a number of advantages…

Namely, it acts as its own dust filter when the pellets are delivered; it can be sized to suit the space available and it protects the pellets from damp floors and walls.

It is best to get a store which holds at least 5 tonnes, as the usual minimum delivery of blown pellets is 4 tonnes.

If your system uses bagged pellet fuel, these are normally delivered by the tonne, 100 x 10kg bags. These can be stored in any shed or garage, as long as the bags are protected from the weather. We supply bagged pellets to most of Scotland – just give us a call.

Written by Kim Bauchope