A huge part of your home’s carbon footprint comes from the energy used to heat it. The average home can reduce its carbon footprint by 6 tonnes when switching from oil to wood pellets. And if you are keen to maximise your carbon savings then biomass is the right option.

Converting from gas to biomass gives an impressive 86% reduction in carbon emissions, compared to a Ground Source Heat Pump which only reduce your emissions by 30%.

Biomass fuel is a sustainable way of heating your home because it is not only renewable but it also is carbon neutral or carbon lean. This is because the carbon that it releases into the atmosphere when it is burnt is part of today’s natural carbon cycle.

In contrast the carbon released by fossil fuels, like oil, was stored millions of years ago. It is this release of ancient carbon into our atmosphere today is what is causing the unbalancing of the earth’s system.

Written by Kim Bauchope