Although for most homes we would recommend wood pellet fuel – simply because it is the most convenient and reliable of biomass fuels – there are times when wood chip fuel might fit the bill!

Wood chips are more bulky than wood pellets and need bigger equipment to move it around.

Farms and large estates can find wood chips an economical fuel to use, as they generally have the space to store large quantities of wood chip, have the right machinery to move it around and the skills required for a more ‘hands on’ boiler.

Wood chips vary in their energy content depending on their moisture content – the wetter they are the less energy there is in a tonne.

Wood chips can also come in a variety of shapes and sizes – quality chip is nice and regular and chunky, with no long slivers to get stuck in the augers.

You can find out more about the facts and figures of biomass fuels on the Biomass Energy Website or by making a comment below.

Written by Kim Bauchope